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Foundation of Železiarne Podbrezová brass-band is dated to 1838. It was founded as employees interest association of metallurgical manufactories, which existed at that time in Hron river valley, Central Slovakia. Tomas Hromada, a priest, was the founder. It's the oldest brass band in Slovakia and it is active continuously from its foundation till these days. Hundreds of musicians grew up within it. During its history it was closely connected to metallurgical factory. It was and can be heard on every glorius occassion in the region.
The orchestra was and till today is formed from mother factory workers & officers. Local students & brass music enthusiasts suplement the band. The band members find the band membership & taking part on band performances significant sociable matter. The orchestra contents of all the age groups of musicians. At this time, it has 44 members. It is the member of the Corporations of brassband musics of Slovakia.

Repertory has filled up during many years and in present time the orchestra have in the programme classic and contemporary works as well. Compositions from baroque, classicism and romanism period, dance compositions and jazz the orchestra plays with own soloists. Excellent players on instruments and minstrelsy belong between them. Compositions are from serious music till halfs and waltzs. The orchestra have thankful listener not only in Slovakia, but abroad too and has played on festivals and undertakings in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Italy. Brassmusic of Ironworks (Železiarne) Podbrezová reached golden zone at 21st annual celebration of International festival Pádivého Trenčín in 1998.
Since the year 2016 the bandmaster Ján Jenča leads the orchestra.

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· Phone with answering maschine: +421-48 645 1440
· Mob: 0903636667

Brass-band orchestra Železiarne Podbrezová a.s.
Kolkáreň 35

We offer incidental concerts by classic and contemporary musicians, eventually of style by your choose, promenade concerts, performances on solemn & mourning actions and athletic undertakings etc. Detailed repertory you could find on the orchestra´s home internet page: